A few words about me

I started my serious adventure with reflex camera not long ago – in 2015. And even though I played with photography already in childhood – first with old fashioned Smena and then with digital compact cameras – from the technical point of view it could hardly be called a valuable experience. I started working with my first reflex camera by making a commitment that I will never take a photo with automatic settings, and have stuck with this principle ever since.

So I am a self-taught person. Is that good? I keep learning all the time, draw conclusions, look for new techniques and inspirations. I deliberately break the rules of composition when I think it is appropriate to do so. One day I will get some professional training. Until then, the benchmark for my skills will have to be my portfolio and not my education.

I mostly take photos of the Baltic coast and urban scenery in the Tri-City but you can also find other photos in my portfolio. I most often publish my photos on Instagramie.

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Royal Photographic Society

I am a member of the world oldest photographic society, the British Royal Photographic Society, where I was awarded the distinction of the Licentiate of the RPS.


As a member of the gurushots.com, community. I received a number of awards in the contests organized by the service, thanks to which my photos were shown at exhibitions in Milan, Thessaloniki, Lisbon, Strasbourg, Copenhagen, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona and Las Vegas.
My photos was a part of “The Best of Gdynia’s Facebook exhibition” and “The best of InstaGdynia” exhibitions.
On March 2019 my pictures has been published in Kaleidoscope – LOT Polish Airlines onboard magazine.

Every day life

Photography is only my passion and as much as my passion. In my everyday professional life I have the pleasure to manage the coolest team of the JAMEL, interactive agency, of which I am a co-owner.



A man in the water, photo by Kacper Kopko (@jouki)